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A blend of 6 different attractants in 2 distinct flavours. Available in Garlic+ and Anise+, both ideal for saltwater. No messing around with mixing berley, pour it out and soak it up! Available in 250ml bottles.

Sustainable Fishing Tackle Made Here in Nelson, NZ

Reinventing fishing from the bottom up, Aqua Sinka specialises in locally manufacturing sustainable fishing sinkers in Nelson, New Zealand. 

Not only are they better for the environment, but they also act as a 'berley bag' at the end of your line, with its porous material able to absorb 20% of its weight in fluid. Our specially formulated liquid attractants are the perfect accompaniment when soaked overnight.

“Kia ora from Nelson, New Zealand”

Hi, I'm Paul, the owner of AQUA SINKA. I founded this company after being frustrated at the amount damage lead sinkers can do to the environment and people. I couldn't find an alternative in New Zealand, so I made one, haha!

It took me 4 years to create the AQUA SINKA (along with the machinery) and I am truly proud to share it with fellow keen fishermen.

One day, I would love to see AQUA SINKA in every tackle box in New Zealand.

How the SOAKA works

Our eco-friendly, non-toxic sinker is made to leave minimum impact on the environment and people. Designed for low snagability, the smooth surface and parallel sides aid recovery over rough ground. 

Made from a custom ironsand mix, the Soaka Sinker will absorb up to 20% of its volume in powerful fish attracting flavours. The slow release action means it lasts for hours. With ordinary berley, the currents can take it miles away from your bait but with a Soaka Sinker on, you have your berley on target every time!

There is little difference in functionality with a standard lead sinker, apart from it's better for everyone and if you want to use berley, you can use it on your Soaka Sinker!



Some (of the many) fish caught with AQUA SINKA

Aqua Sinka Fishing Tackle NZ Snapper
Catch Groper NZ | Aqua Sinka Fishing
Catch Snapper NZ | Aqua Sinka Fishing


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