Reviews & Testimonials

We had a fantastic story shared with us from Marty who was an early tester of the Aqua Soaka's in 2015: 

Marty - Columnist & Product Tester for Fishing & Outdoors Newspaper 
March, 2015 issue

So here I am parked up on my favourite spot for the third night in a row trying to get a feed and nothing seems to be working. When the fish should have been biting, I recall some fancy sinkers or as they're called 'aqua soakas'. When you haven't caught a feed in three days, I'm thinking, Maybe I'll give it a try. I'm meant to be giving these things a trial anyway. 

Making sure no-one was looking, I went out on the fourth night. Bloody hungry and quite convinced these Aqua Soaka things were bloody useless and a bit of a prank. 

I checked I had tide and current right, then I tried bait for a couple of hours with my usual lead sinkers... No joy there! So here I am, no fish, bloody hungry for a feed and getting grumpy. 

It took me a while to stick on these soaka things, but finally on they go.I'm sittin here thinking "Must be cracking up something serious at sucking me in". When, Whammo! My bloody line takes off !!

After four fish in the bin, I'm taking the queue at DoC and saying there had to be ten other reasons why the fish werent taking my bait, yet hooked up with these flash gadgets on. Surely they're not that bloody good, it must have been a fluke. 

So back at the barn filleting fish with a cold bevy close by, not in the slightest bit convinced these things worked. I was sure soemthing unexplainable had changed things. So I put together a plan for the next afternoon...

Bugger me, my bait, my berley, nothing attracted the fish, yet as soon as I put one of these fancy Aqua Soaka's... Boom!!

Now this is my favourite secret spot, it's rarely let me down, but the fish wouldn't bite. Yet I put one of these Soaka's down and I get smashed! Filled up the bin! Nothings that bloody good surely? 

If I had a phone I'd ring this dude and ask him a few scientific questions and congratulate him as well.