Catch more fish with the world's first flavoured sinker. A totally new concept to attract fish to your bait. The SOAKA will absorb upto 20% of its volume in powerful fish attracting flavours. The slow release action means it lasts for hours. With ordinary berley, the currents can take it miles away from your bait but with a SOAKA you have your berley on target every time you cast!


Use our tub to recharge your soakas again and again. The SOAK-IT Tub has a lift-out basket for speedy removal, ideal for a quick change when depth of current conditions alter. Used Soaka’s can be stored in the SOAK-IT TUB. Keep in a cool place when not in use.


A blend of 6 different attractants in 2 distinct flavours. Available in Garlic+ and Anise+, both ideal for saltwater. No messing around with mixing berley, pour it out and soak it up! Available in 250ml bottles.